Come order a dog birthday card for your loved one!  check out our large assortment of pop up cards specifically catered to that special someone in your life who loves dogs.  Be sure to take advantage of our free shipping on orders that are over $40.  Many customers will order three or four cards at one time so that they can prepare for other events and special occasions for their other loved ones.

Having a handmade pop up card will not only be unique, but it is considerably better than the mainstream machine made cards from larger companies.  We operate a small business that supports our workers with fair wages and health care.  It is our goal to avoid sweatshop operations, and support enterprises that help lift people out of poverty.

     A dog birthday card will be just the right addition to your loved ones special day.  Our handmade pop up cards are not like the other cards you see from chain stores.  These cards can easily be considered artwork that can be displayed for years to come.

     Open Card Now is a very active company traveling to many art shows and events to display these wonderful pieces of art.  If you are looking for the perfect card for your loved one, we have a great selection of birthday cards and greeting cards!  We have many other birthday cards available as well if you are looking for something other than a dog birthday card.