Open Card Now is based in Florida and Flamingos are among are most treasured wildlife! Share a bit of this birds majesty when you send one of these colorful 3D bird cards.


Send a smile when you gift the special people in your life with these 3D cards featuring our feathered friends. These cards are perfect for birthdays and other special events. A favorite of nature lovers!

I know what you are thinking, “Why do you have a page just for flamingo cards?”  Believe it or not, but there are quite a few people out there who love flamingo greeting cards, and birthday cards.  Many of our customers order multiple cards to save on shipping.  For example, if you order 3 cards that each are priced at $15 dollars, then you will easily be over the $40 mark for qualifying for free shipping.

Spend $40 or more, and receive free shipping on your order!

Our handmade pop up cards are unique in so many ways.  Don’t settle for a standard simple two dimensional greeting card or birthday card, order your loved one a piece of handmade art.  We pride ourselves in the level of detail that goes into each every pop up card that we produce.  Our workers are paid a fair wage with health insurance as well!  How many other card companies can say that they provide this same level of care for the people creating their products?

Our cards don’t generally end up in the trash can like most of the mainstream cards do.  This artwork will likely sit on the shelves of your loved ones for years to come.  Flamingo cards are unique in so many ways, and we have birthday cards along with standard greeting cards.